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City information

Göteborg has a compact city centre and most attractions are in walking distance or only a short tram ride away. It is a city full of contrasts; trendy glass and stainless steel bars, beautiful 19th century buildings with splendid entrances and the old wooden County Governor houses as well as the beautiful parks scattered around the city. A number of city tours are available for instance a dramatised city sightseeing walk with historically dressed guides

There are many attractions to choose from i.e.:

 Liseberg Amusement Park,

the Göteborg Opera House,

Göteborg Symphony Orchestra – Sweden’s national orchestra,

the Art Museum’s fascinating collections, Universeum Science Centre, the Museum of World Culture and a wide repertoire of entertaining shows, sports, cultural events, fairs and exhibitions.

Some of the most famous Swedish chefs are to be found in Göteborg, and it is here one finds the highest number of first-class restaurants per capita in the whole of Scandinavia. The main culinary attraction in Göteborg is the local seafood; prawns, lobster and a wide selection of fish, ranked amongst the finest in the world. The city also offers a considerable amount of great restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, at reasonable prices.

In the heart of the city everything from fashionable boutiques and department stores, to picturesque markets selling crafts, souvenirs and antiquities are located within easy walking distance. It offers an exiting mixture of modern warehouses and specialist shops, pedestrian areas, galleries and arcades. All guaranteed to make shopping in Göteborg a memorable experience.

The unique Göteborg archipelago is an extraordinary experience. Thousands of islands lie scattered along the west coast all the way up to Oslo, Norway. Find some of the many untouched spots, and explore the charming little fishing villages.

The golfing season is long, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream and there are over 30 golf courses in and around Göteborg to choose from, including pay-and-play courses.

A World heritage site is a place, site, environment, or object which provides unique testimony to the history of the earth and of mankind. Thirteen Swedish sites are inscribed on the prestigious World Heritage List and are guaranteed protection and care for all time. Among these are the Vitlycke Rock Carvings, situated only a two hour drive from Göteborg.

Göteborg has hosted several major international events and the welcoming attitude of the local people is well-known. Combined with the great food and the many cultural, entertainment and sporting events, everything is in place to make your visit to Göteborg a successful one. You’ll always feel welcome in Göteborg!

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